Lake Międzychodzko-Sierakowski, an area belonging to the most interesting parts of the Polish Lowland. The varied terrain, moraine hills and deep valleys of streams, more than a hundred lakes, a variety of woods and forests, numerous natural monuments, precious monuments of architecture – it all adds up to a large touring attractiveness of these areas. In order to protect nature and landscape created on Lakeland parks – in 1986. Szczewski Landscape Park and in 1991, Sierakowski Landscape Park. It also set out lots of hiking trails and cycling routes are wild, unfrequented and therefore worth knowing.

Lake District landscape is the work of the Scandinavian ice sheet that in the Pleistocene three haunted the area. The result of numerous moraine hills called the premier. In the Lake District there are over one hundred and twenty lakes, ten of over 100 ha. Hence the common definition of regionu- “Land of the Hundred Lakes.” Great Lake is the third largest lake in the area, has an area of ​​261 hectares and a depth of 30 m. Between the lakes the landscape is varied numerous streams, some of them suitable to overcome a kayak at high water levels eg river Oszczynica and Lutomka.

A big part of the Lake District is covered in forests as much as 45% of the area. In this respect, it belongs to the most forested parts of Wielkopolska. Dominated by pine forests included in the Notecka but near the lakes and the rivers robe forest enriched with black alders, oaks, poplars and beeches. A remnant of the ancient forest, covering completely once these areas are trees – monuments of nature, most often oaks which also occur on the Great Lake.


The most interesting places-objects in Lakeland

1. Łężeczki – a vantage point near the road Pniewy-Łężeczki. Lake View Chrzypskie.

2. Sieraków – Renaissance church. Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary.

3. Sieraków – Museum – Castle Opaliński.

4. Sieraków – nature reserve “Buki Lake Lutomski.”

5. Grobia – Top boulders, boulder, and a vantage point at the road-Kwilcz Sieraków.

6. Chalin – trail “Jary Chalińskie” at the Nature Education Centre.

7. Kamionna – Gothic church. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

8. Międzychód – building houses peak at ul. Market.

9. Pszczew – museum – House Szewca.

10. Rokitno – baroque church. MB Rokitno.The and complex of buildings on the square pilgrimage.

11. Chrzypsko Small – Viaduct railway line Szamotuły-Międzychód.

12. Bialokosz – palace